Theologian Tom Beaudoin at his blog, Rock and Theology:

In the last several weeks, Occupy Wall Street has begun to settle in for the winter. What was once an open-air festival atmosphere has become a tent camp, with walkways snaking through that allow protesters to set up tables for their causes. New people show up daily to hold signs on the west side of Zuccotti Park, the food station, press area, and library remain constant hubs of activity, but the feeling I have is that we are in a pivotal period in which an inspiring number of hundreds of people are showing that they are willing to brave the increasing cold, with the daily support of thousands who descend on the Park, in fidelity to a movement whose only demand is the nonviolent embodiment of “No” — a no to the market as God — and the nonviolent embodiment of “Yes” — a yes to a new instantiation, in the political process, of the ways our flourishing, as citizens of the world, is essentially bound up with recognizing each other as equals across all differences.

CALL FOR RELIGIOUS ASSISTANCE:  I hope all religious institutions and organizations will consider their relationship to the Occupy movement, and take this occasion of a global social movement to ask themselves how their traditions of spirituality relate to their actions for justice and their works of mercy. If your religious/spiritual/ethical community discerns that the economy is meant for human flourishing — instead of humans being subordinated to economic systems and fantasies — then I hope you will ask how you can concretely help this movement here and now.

CALL TO CATHOLICS: More specifically, I ask Catholics and Catholic institutions to consider how the witness to a different economic order in the Occupy movement is congruent with Catholic commitments to love God in public, or in other words, to live justly with an untiring, and even today still radical, commitment not to individual good or the good of special interests alone, but to the common good. Catholic organizations: you have resources that the Occupy movement in your area might need. Will you prayerfully consider that?

CALL TO CATHOLICS IN THE NYC AREA: Even more specifically, I have it from a representative from OccupyFaithNYC that there are some urgent needs. If you are a Catholic organization in or near lower Manhattan that can contribute resources, please consider getting in touch now. There are specific needs: Kitchen Space, Meeting Hall, Beds, Showers, Parking. Please write to me at and I will put you in touch with the right people from OccupyFaith.