At, commenting on events at Occupy Vancouver:

Paradoxically, lefty Catholics tell us that the Catholic Church has more in common with the OWS movement, even though the OWS movement is more cozy with anti-religious sentiment than with the Catholic Church. What does it say about liberal Catholics that they find their strongest supporters and activists not in Church pews, but in the encampments of Occupy Wall Street and Vancouver?

Here’s the false premise that lefty Catholics use to claim affinity between OWS and Catholic Teaching: “Because the Church and the OWS agree that society, politics and the economy are broken and imperfect, they must also agree about how to solve these serious problems.”

Of course Catholic teaching and the OWS demands (whatever they are) do not agree. For one, the Catholic Church defends her right to speak out for truth in the public square, and believes in her own institutional freedom and autonomy. The Catholic Church strongly proclaims the dignity and right to life of the unborn (and all people) as the foundation for a free and just society. The Church continually upholds the dignity of marriage as the fundamental building block of a healthy society. Most individuals in the OWS movementstrongly deny all of these principles.