A mystical recommendation from Minnesota:

As Catholics, the first thing we should do is occupy our local eucharistic adoration chapel and sit in the presence of the sacrament of charity.

As Mother Teresa said, “Prayer before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament will save the world from destruction.”

Transforming a broken world must first start with transforming ourselves because there is no political solution to what is fundamentally a moral problem. There is only a spiritual solution — one that starts with repentance and conversion.

When we gaze upon the Lord, we will better see him in the face of others. And when we do so, we will gain a renewed sense of solidarity — particularly with the hungry, the homeless, the unemployed and the immigrant looking for work.

This heightened awareness of the needs of others will lead us to not just think about but also act to build a more just social order.

Spending time with the Lord will also help us see the world in a more integrated way, get at the root cause of problems, and begin to develop solutions that serve the common good, not just the narrow interests of a few.

Over the coming months, this column will periodically outline the moral principles and ethical framework the church offers us to reconstruct a broken social order.

But for now, we have to rebuild the broken person that is all of us.

Occupy the chapels!