At Bilgrimage:

Building on the excerpt I posted yesterday from Jamie Manson’s recentkeynote address at the Call to Action gathering, I want to point to two valuable summaries of what’s happening right now in the Austrian Catholic church.  At Open Tabernacle, Terry Weldon compares the We Are Church movement in Austria, which has the strong support of a sizable proportion of Austria’s Catholic priests, to the Occupy movement.
Terry notes that one of the steps being proposed now by the Occupy movement in Austrian Catholicism is that lay people will begin celebrating the Eucharist in priestess parishes.  This represents a rejection of the “magical” theology about which Jamie Manson speaks in the excerpt to which I pointed yesterday, which assumes that only priests have the power to celebrate the sacraments, and the laity must depend utterly on clerical mediation for those celebrations.  And so the movement on which Terry is reporting asserts, in the face of that magical thinking promoted by the Catholic hierarchy, the right of the people of God to own the sacraments and to invoke the power of the Spirit dwelling within them in sacramental celebrations, as more and more parishes go without clergy (and without the Eucharist), while Rome chooses to hinge the future of Catholicism on the continuation of an historically determined system that will ordain only (ostensibly) celibate men.