Joseph Amodeo on The Huffington Post:

As thousands of Americans take to the streets with the Occupy Wall Street movement (including many Catholics), Dolan and other leaders have remained silent even though the movement is well aligned with Catholic social teaching on economic justice. If the American Catholic Church were to focus its moral might on an issue like economic justice (in short, follow the Holy See’s lead), they would be uniting rather than dividing Catholics and Americans. It saddens me to think that the American Church’s episcopal leaders continue to speak out against secular definitions of marriage while failing to adequately respond to the great injustices of our time.

If the Church remains silent in the face of injustice and instead continues to use the religious liberty argument, and succeeds in bullying legislators to accept religious principles and beliefs as secular definitions, the all that are protected by the liberties enshrined in our Constitution may not merely becomethe many, but rather the few. As Catholics, we should occupy the pews and call out to the Church’s leaders to be a voice for justice rather than an institution that seeks to infringe on the liberties of Catholics and non-Catholics alike.