At #OccupyChurch DC:

It is difficult for individualist-minded Christians to join a populist movement. This is because we want to intellectually assent, as we would to articles of faith, to the intellectual propositions of Occupy Wall Street. But popular movements are living, breathing entities.When we join a political movement, like when we join the church, we gain brothers and sisters we are sometimes ashamed of. There are missionaries who we dislike, dogmas and creeds that we disagree with. But we are still part of the church, following Christ, for better of for worse.

The role of the church in this crisis is that of the tireless advocate for those who are marginalized by these political processes. It is in that role that we are most faithfully following Christ in the world, among his favorites, the oppressed.

Popular movements say to us, as Jesus does, “Come, follow me.” When we do this with a movement by the poor, for the poor, we become part of Christ’s own body.

Occupy Wall Street is a populist movement started by those who are marginalized by the system, the unemployed, and it is our job to follow their lead. Through participation, we will shape its direction.