At The Practicing Catholic:

Like homecoming weekend in a college town, there are currently no vacancies. Everything, it seems, is occupied. Occupy Wall Street. Occupy San Francisco. Occupy DC. Begun as Occupy Dataran in Kuala Lumpur in late July, the Occupy movement has spread around globe like wildfire in just over three months. “The 99%” seem intent on taking back financial and government institutions that have apparently been corrupted by the minority who presumably control them by their concentration of wealth. The majority are fed up with their interests not being represented, so they’re moving in and taking over.

This is neither to ridicule nor affirm the Occupy movement. Simply put, however, this sentiment is not new. Much, if not most, curmudgeonly grumbling and hand-wringing is about how we need to take back things that have been corrupted: marriage, education, authority, devotion, piety, etc. The list goes on and on and often expresses valid concerns about the direction of society, one microcosm at a time. The commercialization of Christmas is one such microcosm.

What follows is a list of suggestions for putting Christ back in Christmas.