At Messy Jesus Business, Julia Walsh offers some Occupy-themed Advent reflections:

Although we are together, we are different. Others are confused about what we’re doing here and there. Some are even angry because they don’t understand.  Still, we remain confident that we’re in the right place.  They tease us and ask us silly questions.  We declare we have an appointment and our time is soon.

We insist on sticking around.  Really, we are so desperate to feel better that we are willing to keep waiting at all costs. We are willing: we’ll give up our jobs, we’ll fast, we’ll protest, we’ll go to jail if we must.  As we wait we study the Bible and remember recent history. We pray ancient psalms and poetry.  We are not leaving.

We keep believing that soon we’ll have our time.  We have hope that the consciousness is coming. Hope is our mantra and our message. We know there’s a Way.

We’re waiting in a room full of hope. We believe and trust in God.  We’re excited and we’re happy.  We wait in Love.

Walsh concludes with the Occupy Wall Street video “The Revolution Is Love”: