The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it. ~ Psalm 24:1

Gracious Creator,

We pray for a miracle and for the end of the heartless, abusive, destructive carbon footprint that is being left by the boot of corporations on the neck of our Mother Earth.

We pray that everyone in the world, and particularly in the United States, a nation so vastly asleep, wake up to the fact that, together, we must come to an agreement to commit fully to reduce greenhouse gases and to understand that the earth truly is the Lord’s.

We pray that the United States government will not make decisions on the care of the environment based on concerns about the next election.

We pray that all nations and corporations will stop worshipping the false gods of money and power and will stop grasping for ways to avoid true commitment to the care of God’s creation.

We pray that the governments of all nations will care for God’s creation instead of caring for the special interests of  the polluters that lobby continuously for the right to sinfully destroy our Mother Earth.<

We pray that all nations and peoples will wake up and stand up. We must be concerned for the future generations of this planet and for the poorest of the poor, “the least of these,” who suffer daily from sinful, violent, environmental destruction. Dear Lord, help us to realize that action is needed now to protect the precious gift of this planet that You have left in our care.

We pray that, as Catholics, we understand that we are called to a responsible stewardship of this planet, and global cooperation concerning the protection of our environment must be achieved. Gracious Creator, please do not allow us to miss the opportunity to be responsible stewards of Your creation.