An interview on NY NET’s show Currents:

Every year on Christmas Eve, NORAD satellites track Santa’s Christmas Eve flight as the man in red delivers gifts to girls and boys across the globe. Now, that may be a few weeks away, but Jolly Old Saint Nick was already on the minds of Catholics today (December 6) – his feast day. And while you may think he’s from the North Pole, St. Nick’s origins lie in what is now Turkey.

During this Advent season, St. Nicholas has also taken on a new role – he has become the symbolic patron for Catholics who want to have their voices heard as part of the “Occupy” movement. According to the group’s website, “Occupy Catholics” are the “99 percent, made in God’s image, seeking God’s justice.” “Occupy Catholics” is still in its early stages, our Matt McClure spoke by phone with one of the men behind it: Jeffery Nicholas, an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Mount Angel Seminary in St. Benedict, Oregon.

Watch the video here.