“For a long time I have held my peace, I have kept still and restrained myself; now I will cry out…” Isaiah 42:14

Blessed and Loving God who listens attentively to all of our prayers:

We cry out to you to open the eyes, ears, and hearts of all of those working in Congress. As Congress reconvenes, help them to open their offices and their minds to all who visit with them during the Occupy Congress actions.

Protect all of those making the pilgrimage today to the United States Congress. May they shine a bright light on the darkness of ignorance and apathy of the election year mentality so that all may see the urgent necessity for immediate, just, and moral action on the part of legislators, for now and always.

Fill us with your fiery Spirit and encourage us to embrace the Occupy Movement as a prophetic movement. Open us and reveal to us our own prophetic voices so that we may call out to the world for an immediate healing of our lost and broken legislative system.

Strengthen us with the wisdom that we are called to love each and every individual person working within this lost and broken legislative system. Grant us the grace and compassion to offer our love to them even as we march, cry out, and proclaim that the system within which they are working is shamefully idolatrous and corrupt.

Fill our mouths with words of your justice so that we may speak blessed and holy truth to the power of Congress. May we have the courage to speak out and to recognize our power, which has been granted to us by you, O Lord.

May we all gather together to celebrate our interconnectivity, our liberty, and our dignity as we call upon our legislators to recognize their duty to us. May the people be victorious over the lawless legislative system, and may the hearts of all be converted forever towards justice and peace.