Sunday, January 29, 2012, 7:00pm until 10:00pm

60 Wall Street
New York, NY

Announcing the first general assembly of the New York City Occupy Catholics. Come to help us start the discussion about what a Catholic role in the Occupy movement can look like, and what the Occupy movement means for Catholic Christians.

We’ll develop the agenda collaboratively here, below. If you have any suggestions for changes, please say so in the comments of the Facebook event. (Please RSVP there too.)

* Prayer

* Introductions

* What is Occupy Catholics? (You, of course!)
* Long Term Goals

* Short-Term Action Ideas
* Lenten undertakings
* Pax Christi Good Friday parade
* May Day

* Space
* Its significance to the movement, what Catholics can offer
* Sr. Susan: what’s available to us

* Next Steps
* Inreach (fellow Catholics)
* Outreach (Occupy Faith, Occupy Wall Street)

* Prayer