6 p.m. at 60 Wall St. Atrium

Report Backs

Nathan reports on the People’s Prayer Breakfast put on by Occupy DC

Debate on the rosary slips, leafleting, and especially sidewalk chalking

Susan on the Good Friday “prayer walk”:

  • Station 13: Joseph of Arimathea
  • Reflection: story and lesson
  • Location: 42nd St. between 7th & 8th
  • Prayers of the faithful
  • John Mullin suggests using a variation of the Occupy “Auctioneer” song
  • Theme: “There is room for all at the table”

Lots of excitement about making armbands and T-shirts and stuff

Do an event at St. Francis Xavier? A general assembly?


How do we talk about ourselves as Occupy Catholics?

  • Horizontalism and Vatican II?
  • We should have an open, public GA, perhaps at Xavier, in order to discuss overlap between Occupy and church

New Action Ideas

Truth Commission planning is underway in Occupy Faith

Home foreclosure actions—how to get Catholic parishes involved?

An event at Maryhouse: a general assembly? Loren wants to arrange that.

Something at St. Paul the Apostle: perhaps the student mass?

Occupy Lent? Social media outreach and prayers for the movement, incorporating Lenten themes. (Nathan and Betsy, and perhaps Richard)

Holy Week Occupy Faith participation. Steve will speak with Michael Ellick at Occupy Faith. Feb 15 is the next Occupy Faith meeting

Immigration/May Day—Betsy is interested. Mentions Archbishop Romero’s death anniversary in March

Make sure to do PR and press releases for all public events to get media

Next meeting is Sunday January 19th at 5 p.m.