James Garton, who writes for Examiner.com on Atlantic City Catholicism, claims to prove that the Occupy movement is anti-Catholic:

We have all been told that the worldwide Occupy movement is about economic equality and social justice. We have watched the massive protests, the 99% signs and heard the speeches crying out for government intervention in the financial market. Thirty-three percent of America supports the occupy movement, but many more have been suspicious of the movements connection to socialist organizations. Yet, the establishment media, and political leaders whitewash the radical actions and affiliations of the occupy movement and declare it a grassroots response to economic conditions.

The longer the movement last, the more we can see its true face as it reveals itself by its words, actions and those it chooses to affiliates with. While the movement economically aligns itself with socialist ideology, it now takes on another character associated with a communist or socialist agenda and that is an anti-religious, and in particular an anti-Christian hatred. The largest target of the movements anti-Christian hatred being the Catholic church.

ROME, Italy, October, 2011, Members of ‘Occupy Rome’ destroy a statue of the Virgin Mary on the streets while others cheer.

VANCOUVER, Canada, November 2, 2011, A group calling themselves ‘Occupy the Vatican’ attempted to disrupt a morning Mass at a Holy Rosary Catholic Cathedral. The group was halted by members of the Knights of Columbus and police.

SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts, December 01, 2011, Members of a Massachusetts Occupy movement harassed Pastor Scott Lively who operates an inner-city Christian mission with a group of well-organized protesters.

ROME, Italy, January 14, 2012, 50 Members of ‘Occupy the Vatican’ tried to set up tents and occupy St. Peter’s Square in protest of the Catholic church.

PROVIDENCE, RI, January 30, 2012, For the third time in a week, demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street movement threw condoms on Catholic schoolgirls, refused to allow a Catholic priest to pray, and shouted down a pro-life speaker at a Rhode Island right to life rally.

WASHINGTON, D.C.,  January 30, 2012, Occupy movement disrupts March for Life youth rally.

One reason the Occupy movement must attack Christian institutions in the same way it attacks financial institutions is because the teachings of the church are contrary to the ideology and agenda of the Occupy movement. Pope Pius XI (1922-1939), said it perfectly in his Encyclical Quadragesimo Anno, May 15, 1931, n. 117 :

“..Whether considered as a doctrine, or an historical fact, or a movement, Socialism, if it remains truly Socialism, even after it has yielded to truth and justice on the points which we have mentioned, cannot be reconciled with the teachings of the Catholic Church because its concept of society itself is utterly foreign to Christian truth.”