See photos on our Facebook page and at Rachel Maddow’s blog. Here’s what we all proclaimed at the cathedral:

We are Occupy Catholics.
We’re here this Good Friday
because we are the church
and we love our church
and right now the church needs to speak.
Our God-made-flesh
died two thousand years ago
at the hands of the empire’s 1%
trying to protect their power.
Now in our time
more and more millions
are becoming jobless
and healthcare-less
and homeless
and hopeless
while the 1% get richer.
Charity is not enough.
Love of neighbor is incompatible
with watching her sink into poverty.
An economy that needs to be fed
with the bread of workers and the poor
and with brutal police force
and with perpetual war
is an abomination.
We invite
we implore
all people to cry out:
We will not be forsaken!
We are the 99%!
Made in God’s image!
Seeking God’s justice!