1. OccupyCatholic
    Our NYC General Assembly on Freedoms is only a few days away. Keep spreading the word and praying your prayers! http://fb.me/1TM6wmu9y
  2. OccupyCatholic
    @sr_simone We’ll be praying for you at tomorrow’s General Assembly on Freedoms at St. Pat’s in NYC: http://ow.ly/bItzp #prayforus
  3. OccupyCatholic
    @bexxbissell We’re not pleading to the Catholic Church; we are the church, and we love our church, and right now the church needs to speak.
  4. OccupyCatholic
    A little boy just tried to reach through the #nypd barricades surrounding St Patricks cathedral to touch a bird. #OWS #repression
  5. OccupyCatholic
    Any @OccupyWallStNYC reinforcements want to join our overnight encampment at st Patrick’s cathedral? all night. #OWS 51st and 5th
  6. OccupyCatholic
    “@melisheath: @OccupyCatholic hey, y’all are awesome. have a great night! #Occupy #OWS” thanks! Pray for us!
  7. UnderempAmerica
    @OccupyCatholic thank you for what your doing on this very hot night. It’s actions like yours bringing Catholics back to the faith.
  8. OccupyCatholic
    Friendly non-Catholic #OWS #bikebloc just found us a nearby 24-hour restroom! @OccupyWallStNYC join us all night 50th and 5th.