1. OccupyCatholic
    We were told that 40000 e signatures won’t impress the cardinal. How about 40000 occupying #StPatricks in prayer? @catholicsunited
  2. catholicsunited
    Hey @CardinalDolan Our friends at @OccupyCatholic come in peace! Can’t your staff be nice to them? 40,000 signatures is alot!
  3. OccupyCatholic
    Fr Paul was just asked to bless a medal a woman just bought at the #StPatricks gift shop. We’re not protesting, we’re advertising love.
  4. OccupyCatholic
    Last weekend an @OccupyCatholic was kicked out of #StPatricks for having an #occupycatholics patch on his backpack. Why, @cardinaldolan?
  5. LettingSmokeOut
    @catholicsunited @cardinaldolan @occupycatholic Because they are not “faithful” but dissident. The opinions of non-Catholics are irrelevant.
  6. OccupyCatholic
    .@LettingSmokeOut @catholicsunited @cardinaldolan Our church’s history should make us cautious to question the faith of faithful dissidents
  7. OccupyCatholic
    @LettingSmokeOut @catholicsunited @cardinaldolan how many saints were kicked out of cathedrals by the directors of operations?