This is a quick guide to what Occupy Catholics will be up to as we support the Occupy movement’s one-year anniversary in New York City on September 17. We call for the support of all those who can join us and the prayers for all who can’t. The schedule is only approximate, and it is sure to change with conditions on the ground. Follow @OccupyCatholic for updates.

For more information on many more Occupy events over the anniversary weekend, visit

Saturday, September 15 #S15 EDUCATION

12–4 pm Alongside Occupy Faith’s “People’s Investigation” at Washington Square Park, we will be offering biblical foot-washing and clean socks.
4 pm Mass Action Training, Washington Square Park, for those planning to participate in Monday morning actions.

7:30 pm Strike Debt’s Debt Resistors’ Operation Manual Book Launch, Judson Memorial Church (Washington Square Park South). Occupy Catholics will open the event with a special sermon against usury from Pope Benedict XIV.

Sunday, September 16 #S16 CELEBRATION

10 am–12:30 pm At Zuccotti Park, Occupy Faith will hold an interfaith worship service.

1–6 pm Concert at Foley Square featuring at least one Occupy Catholic.

7 pm Procession from Foley Square to Zuccotti Park to the 7:30 Rosh Hashanah service with Occupy Judaism.

Monday, September 17 #S17 LIBERATION

6:45 am Assemble at the Red Cube with Occupy Faith to participate in morning street actions. Some will practice civil disobedience as part of the People’s Wall.

All day Jail support for arrested Occupy Catholics.

10 am People’s Storm for a sustainable future at Bowling Green, followed by ongoing downtown actions and assemblies in the Financial District.

6 pm Popular Assembly at Foley Square.

See you in the streets!

We are the 99%, made in God’s image, seeking God’s justice for all.