A rising sea of change is flowing across the conscience of America and the world as we realize that we have the potential to change our economic paradigm towards a more inclusive model, one which includes all people. More and more people who have been given enough social, emotional and material freedom realize the present system doesn’t work for the have’s nor the have nots. The predominantly young people in the Occupy Movement have taken the lessons they have learned from our present inefficient and inequitable economic system and cast them, with a tremendous breath of altruism, into the hope of creating a more just economic paragon. These new leaders who stand for economic equality are continually searching for new ways to work towards a more equitable economic system. They want those who have less financial stability to have a chance to actualize their full potential and those who have more to be happy and fully engaged with all humanity. It has not gone unrecognized that this push toward less greed to help address more need is in keeping with the teaching of Catholic Social Justice as defined by Vatican 11.

One of their latest ventures is the Rolling Jubilee a debt bailout of the people by the people. This Strike Debt initiated project has set up a fund to buy defaulted medical debt for pennies on the dollar – just like debt collectors do. But, instead of collecting on this “debt,” they are going to abolish it.
This extraordinarily magnanimous gesture by a group of people who see that there future rests on the betterment of everybody’s future is a testament to their greatness in this often divided country. They come from an assortment of faith backgrounds or from a lack of faith, however, they share the common belief that love is our binding force. Who can argue with this noble aspiration. There is nothing wrong with there appeal to idealism realized. I have had my opportunity to raise a family and I stand behind these young people who are willing to put their livelihoods on the line for a better world. I stand behind these young people with fear and trembling knowing the harsh realities of living within an economic system in which many people have cut their souls out in the name of corporate greed and rationalized it by isolating themselves from the poor while living ‘the good life’. The wealthy often dish out huge sums of money to charities in a thinly veiled effort to assuage their own conscience and convince themselves they have the right answer to the solution of poverty. The actualizing of real change where we all care for one another takes hard work and often back breaking toil. It is not a world of feel good service. It is going to take change on everyones part. In my book they have already accomplished their dream. Let us all learn from them. We can all support the Rolling Jubilee as a vote of confidence in the Occupy Movement and the younger generation who have been so profoundly affected by our collective mistakes. You can be sure I will be donating!

Strike Debt of the Occupy Movement will launch on November 15th with a telethon called “The People’s Bailout.” There will be roughly three hours of music, comedy, education, magic. Confirmed guests include: comedian Janeane Garofalo, Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead, actor/director John Cameron Mitchell (‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’), comedian Hari Kondabolu, David Rees of ‘Get Your War On’, Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Guy Picciotto of Fugazi, Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio, and more. The telethon will be at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City and will be streamed live at http://www.rollingjubilee.org. Tickets are on sale here.

Our goal is to raise $50,000, which will allow us to abolish more than $1,000,000 dollars worth of medical debt. 100% of donations will go to buying debt. If we raise more, we’ll buy more debt. Donations can be made online at rollingjubilee.org.

– Bernice McCann