by Harold M. Frost IV

God is love, and all love ultimately comes from God. Love is the divine essence, and it is an emanation of God. God is all-loving, all-knowing, and all-powerful, and as such, in spite of all the evils that exist in the world as a result of humanity’s rejection of God’s way of love, God’s love is destined to completely prevail, and ultimately the world, and indeed the entire Universe, will be completely transformed by love. All of us must live according to God’s way of love, and love God and each other; in doing thus we will help usher in a new age of universal love.

What is love, this divine essence? It is a spiritual substance that takes various forms. In its purest and most concentrated form, it is the substance of God, and it gives rise in God to all of the divine attributes- infinite love for all people, infinite mercy, infinite knowledge, infinite wisdom, and infinite power. Yes, love is very powerful. Only in God is this power infinite, but love does also give us humans a great degree of power to bring joy and happiness to each other, and to make the world better. If only all of us loved God and each other fully- then the world would be a paradise. God showers all of us with love; we all must love God in return and be channels of that love by loving all our fellow human beings. The love that we give and receive between us humans is a spiritual substance that brings joy and that gives rise to good intentions; when we love someone, we want what is best for them- we want them to be happy in this world as well as in the next. Love conquers fear, hatred, and indifference.

Love is a transforming force for people and for society, if only we will accept it and cooperate with it. By being open to God’s love for us we can overcome our sin and our selfishness, and we can become more loving. Part of loving each other is forgiveness; we are called to forgive each other. We must forgive each other, because all of us have failings and need forgiveness and mercy from God. If all of us become more loving and forgiving, and sincerely turn to God, Who is the source of all love, then will the world be transformed! There will then be no more hatred, meanness, or indifference, and all people will be loved, and the world will become a Jubilee of Love!

If all of us truly loved each other, we would collectively see to it that all people have their basic needs met- their needs for food, housing, healthcare, and love. And we would be concerned about each other’s spiritual needs- we would pray for each other. And we would stop destroying our Earth, which we all depend on for our material sustenance, and we would properly address the problem of global warming. And, here in America, we would end mass incarceration as an instrument of social policy, and end all cruel treatment of prisoners. And, we would include the unborn among those we love; abortion is a profoundly unloving practice, and it must stop. We cannot call ourselves truly loving if we kill our unborn babies.

Our society, including our churches, needs to be totally transformed by a peaceful Revolution of Love. Here in America this Revolution of Love must be within the law and within the Constitution. This Revolution of Love must start in many individual hearts; we must turn to God and live according to His way of love, and that means in part to try to avoid sinning. (I have sinned, and I have hurt and offended people, as well as God, and I beg forgiveness from God and all whom I have hurt or offended; I am sorry). We all must pray to become more loving and virtuous, and we must pray for each other. We must reach out in love to the suffering, the lonely, and the marginalized.

People should form groups committed to love and spreading love and promoting the cause of love. I suggest that each group have no more than fifteen people in it, loving each other, praying for each other, bearing witness to love by advocating good and loving policies to their elected representatives and others, and reaching out in love and helping people in need, and spreading the Gospel message of love, forgiveness, and salvation through Jesus Christ. People in these love groups should contact everyone they know and encourage them to start love groups, and people in those groups should contact the people they know, etc., so that there will be a vast proliferation of these groups in our country, so that there will be a total transformation of American society. If millions of people participate in this transformation and stand for love, then the politicians on both the left and the right, and the rich and powerful, will have to conform to love in their public acts and policies, and America will be renewed, and there will be love and fairness for all. But remember, God is love and is the source of all love; with God all things are possible, but without God nothing good is possible. The love movement in our country must be centered on God and on godly principles if it is to succeed.

Spread the word! Forward, copy, and distribute this brief essay, so that people will take initiative in doing their part to start love groups, so that a tsunami of love will wash over our great country! If you receive this message, turn to God and try to start a love group, and encourage others to do the same! Let us all love each other and make a transformation of American society!