by Harold M. Frost IV

The Eucharist is not merely symbolic
It is splendorously and really real
Dwelling in the sacred consecrated Host
Is our King of Kings, our Lord Jesus Christ
Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity
At that Last Supper, on that very first
Magnificent Maundy Thursday
Our Lord made it brilliantly be
That the Bread and Wine
Could become the Body and Blood
When the priest says “This is My Body”
The Host becomes Jesus Christ
Transubstantiation- that wonderful process
That spiritual mechanism by which
The Bread and Wine become
The Body and Precious Blood
Transubstantiation- the heart of Holy Mass
The Supreme Sacrifice Itself
On the holy altar
One Great Sacrifice for us sinners
Many Masses but one Sacrifice
Like many sunrises but one sun
One Great Sacrifice for us all
Propagating through time and space
How wondrous it is that Jesus
Made it be that His Sacrifice
Be present to us in this way
Yes, through the depths of time and through space
By the Power the bread and wine
Become the Body and the Precious Blood!