by Harold M. Frost IV

Abortion is indeed a horrible evil, and it must end, in America and around the world. Those who are pro-life must effectively bear witness to the reality of what abortion is (the killing of an unborn human being) and must lovingly lead society away from this heinous practice. Part of being both effective and loving is to avoid being meanspirited, and to be consistently pro-life. People must embrace the Consistent Life Ethic- that is, to be against not only abortion and euthanasia, but also to be against unjust war, capital punishment, and the destruction of our planet Earth, and to be for helping the poor and upholding the dignity of every human being, born and unborn, without exception. The pro-life movement, in order to appeal to a broader base of people, needs to abandon radical right-wing extremism. Pro-lifers should follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, who taught love and compassion, instead of the teachings of Ayn Rand, who advocated a mean philosophy of selfishness. We pro-lifers can’t with integrity tell women not to have abortions, while at the same time trying to cut programs woman need to give birth to their babies and to raise them and care for them. Above all, we must be loving. Our churches must really be communities of love (see Acts) and must proselytize the message of love, to help people and to transform our society from being an unloving Culture of Death, to being a loving Culture of Life. We must all pray, for mercy, for an end to the Culture of Death, and for love to prevail in our troubled country. Also, we should fast from time to time for these things. Pro-lifers must not be hateful or meanspirited towards anyone- not prisoners, not gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered people, not the homeless, not alcoholics and other addicts, not anyone. We all must practice love in all of our affairs. If we pro-lifers really practice love, and love God above all things, and love ALL our brothers and sisters in the human family, then will the terrible juggernaut of the Culture of Death be ended in America. Love! Pray! Fast!