by Harold M. Frost IV

Global warming and climate change are terrible, possibly even existential, threats to our Earth, and to us humans who depend upon our Earth for sustenance, and to human civilization. Science is clear that global warming is real, in spite of whatever the “climate deniers” may say. Those who deny climate change at best are ignorant, and at worst are speaking and acting maliciously to benefit special interests such as the fossil fuel industry, who care only about their profits, and who care not for the future of human civilization and life on Earth. Many politicians pander to these special interests. And the “Christian Right” denies climate change; but they are hardly experts when it comes to science, and they are not even very Christian when it comes to what they say and what they advocate for- many of them are downright mean and hateful, and they agitate for the politicians they support to make policies that are bad for the poor, as well as bad for the Earth.

Human civilization has waited far too long to deal with issues relating to climate change, and because of this, because we as humans don’t have the liberty of any more time to act, immediate and drastic action is needed. We as a species must immediately slash fossil fuel use, and as rapidly as possible convert to renewable energy. While this conversion is taking place, some use of fossil fuels will be necessary, but they should only be used for the production and delivery of essential goods and services. Travel and electricity use will have to be reduced. Consumption of animal products in wealthy countries will have to be substantially reduced. No more commuting for doing financial-sector jobs that just push money around, and don’t actually produce things or services people use. All of this is incompatible with capitalism, obviously, so capitalism will have to end, for the sake of humankind and its Earth, and it will have to be replaced by a radically different system. Some will call for socialism or communism. I believe a jubilee system (with no money and the forgiveness of all debts) would be best. Others have come up with similar ideas, such as contributionism or Ubuntu. Check out (they want a moneyless society). Any system that replaces capitalism will have to be democratic, fair, loving, and compassionate, and this love and compassion will need to be extended to all people, including the unborn, as well as to animals. May there be a peaceful, lawful, and spiritual Revolution of Love! Let us all turn to God and love Him, each other, and our Earth which He made for us. Let us all, in a spirit of love and solidarity, transcend the base, cruel, unjust and destructive capitalist system we are part of, and let us quickly make the world a Jubilee of Love!