by Harold M. Frost IV

The maleficent monstrosity of mass incarceration
Is a perverted poison of our sick society
A poison perpetrated by impious politicians
And by miserable meanspirited people
Whom they pitifully and pathetically pander to
It is a terrible evil, a callous cruelty
Mass incarceration as an instrument of social policy
In America is a cancer, is a cruel crime
Against the unfortunate poor and people of color
And many others also in our country
Prisons as they now exist are extremely evil
Places of abuse, cruelty, torture, and deprivation
Of fundamental human needs, human dignity, and human rights
Solitary confinement is a terrible torture
Perpetrated by prisons against poor prisoners
And private prisons are an abject abomination
Greedy corporations therethrough profit off of suffering
America and its people must wake up to these evils
And demand an end to this mass incarceration
An end to the nefarious New Jim Crow
And an end to all forms of cruelty
Cruelty to poor prisoners, as well as
Cruelty to the poor, animals, and the unborn
Let us build a Jubilee Society of Love
Rehabilitate with the power and light of love
Instead of oppressing and puerilely punishing with prisons
The masses of people must turn to God’s love
And rise up peacefully to promote love
Rise up to force the system to change
For the benefit of all people in our country