Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete at

The question must be raised as to whether American democracy has begun to reach the degree of ideological secularization which “stakes everything on formal procedures to guarantee their own survival?”

At the present time I do not feel capable of answering this question, although I am convinced of the importance of asking it. We need an American version of the famous Ratzinger-Habermas dialogue.

Again in the words of Prades, “it is necessary to resume a cultural work that starts precisely from the malaise. We must understand the nature of it, for…it is not just socio-political, as politicians and commentators tend to think; nor is it just cultural or moral: it is ultimately anthropological and religious…our leading role must be first of all educative and cultural. The hypothesis we propose is that unease is the inevitable symptom of that ‘set of needs and evidences’ that forms every individual. If, in fact, we failed to perceive our own unlimited need for justice, truth or goodness, we would not identify any trace of it in the protesters and we would inevitably tend to propose social measures or employment policies in answer to their unease…”

Here in America, it should not be difficult to find our Habermas thinkers, but where are our Ratzingers?