Report backs:

Robert-American catholic association

Steve-catholic associate fb page; deep discussion with open woman from CA.  Great interaction over 5 days of discussion. Feedback about OC is that 99% & 1 % is not Catholic because of dividing Gods people. Nathan asks that we think about this. Also that 99% are also made in Gods image but are not being treated as such.

Bernice- clarifying that she is about standing with the poor not against anything; feedback about what can be done-

Discussion ensues about messaging

Manny- summer disobedience school; computer banks at apple changed to website of human rights; banking committee; con Ed pickets 14th and  Irving

Channel 57 th

Susan-housingproject &occupy faiths   A Peoples Investigation

Nathan-occupy town square bushwick; debt emerging as central;

Natgat; protest chaplains organizing convergence

General reflection: in reach and out reach

Stop &frisk education & outreach to parishes in poor parishes-Betsy @annunciation?

99mile walk from Philly comes into NYC on 11th -foot washing?Details?

Show. Up for no nukes event aug 6

Friday planning meeting-5:30 here

Action for debt- relating to usery drama? Plug into SDS?

American Catholic Council discussions before larger gathering in relation to reformovements

Robert will keep us in the loop

SDS-manny to dress as midevial priest giving usery speech

Susan will contact Maria from Xavier